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Professional cosmetics "BIODROGA Systems" was created as an exclusive cosmetic brand. It is intended for systemic skin care and beauty maintenance.

"BIODROGA Systems" product exclusivity– "premium" class quality, maximum efficiency, excellent compatibility, optimal suitability for the skin and innovative procedures concepts.

Brand philosophy: the body and soul-state harmonization.





Aromatic seaweed body wrap

This procedure relaxes the body, improves and firms the body contours, smoothes cellulite, promotes spot cleaning process.

"BIODROGA SPA SENSATION" series of aromatic seaweed body mask – is seaweed aromatherapy and thalasso therapy combination. Seaweeds has a very high concentration of biologically active substances, such as mineral salts, magnesium, kalium, calcium, vitamins and amino acids. 


  • Relaxes the body;

  • Firms the body contours;

  • Improves appearance of the skin affected with cellulite and cuperosis;

  • Tightens the skin;

  • Reduces fluid accumulation in the legs;

  • Helps reduce „heavy legs“ feeling;

  • Stimulates microcirculation and metabolism.

The recommended course of 6 procedures:

I week - 3 procedures, II week - 2 procedures, III week - 1 procedure. 



Milk-honey wrap

Intensive care and excellent way to pamper dry, scaly skin. Lactic acid removes dry and hard dandruff. Mitigates feeling of tension, improves skin elasticity. The vitamins and other materials in milk powder improves skin metabolism. Within a short time the skin becomes smooth, soft with maximum amount of care.


  • Firms, harmonizes and revitalizes skin;

  • Promotes the natural skin functions;

  • Strengthens skins resistance;

  • Relaxes the skin;

  • Firms the body contours;

  • Skin begins to glow;

  • Smoother, firmer body contour.

The recommended course of 6 procedures:

I week - 3 procedures, II week - 2 procedures, III week - 1 procedure. 

"Fitness" wrap


Seaweed gel promoting metabolism, along with salt and seaweed saturated dressings extracts accumulated spots from the body,at the same time provides the skin with minerals and microelements. The body looks slimmer and firmer. 


  • Cleanses and detoxifies the tissues;

  • Smoothes skin of problem areas and prevents cellulite development;

  • Reduces fluid accumulation;

  • Helps restore the acid-base balance;

  • Firms the skin after pregnancy or when lost much weight;

  • Strengthens the diet results;

  • Stimulates metabolism;

  • Stimulates microcirculation and lymph flow;

  • Makes stretch marks and scars less noticable;

  • Body shape improves instantly: body seems slimmer, and its contour becomes more solid.

Attention, contraindications:

  • Pregnancy;

  • Strong eczema;

  • Open wounds;

  • High body temperature;

  • Problems with the veins;

  • >Tendency to thrombosis;

  • Claustrophobia;

  • Renal insufficiency/ thyroid disorders;

  • Metabolic disorders, including - diabetes;

  • Menstruation;

  • High blood preassure;

  • Unstable cardiovascular activity.

The recommended course is 3-10 procedures. The course is worthwhile to repeat two times a year.

Anticellulite „Peel Off“ mask

Strong effect firming procedure for cellulite affected skin. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients BIODROGA SPA SENSATION anticellulite „Peel off“ mask effectively fights with cellulite. Brown seaweed, containing particularly lots of iodine, is used to activate the microcirculation, also stimulate the skin metabolism. Algine is extremely well tolerated on skin, soothes red, irritated areas. It optimizes the skin‘s ability to bind moisture, stimulates it‘s regeneration. The skin becomes noticeably smoother. Diatoms has a lot of silicon dioxide, therefore it absorbs water very well.



  • Gentle, but ensured way to firm the skin;

  • Smoothes orange peel appearance skin;

  • Quick and easy – result is noticeable after the first procedure.

In order to get a rapid and intense effect regular procedures are recommended.



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