First of all massage is necessary for healthy people, because it maintains good health and prophylactically protects against various diseases.

Therapeutic massage is required:

  • At neck, back and waist pains.

  • When You have a headache.

  • When suffering from osteochondrosis.

  • In case of muscle, tendon and ligament strains.

  • After various fractures in all healing stages.

  • In case of functional disorders after bone fractures and dislocations.

  • For people with arthritis in early and chronic stages.

  • In neuritis and neuralgia cases.

  • For people with radiculitis.

  • During paralysis.

  • In case of chronic cardiac insufficiency.

  • In angina cases.

  • For people with hypertension.

  • For people with arterial hypotension.

  • During rehabilitation after myocardical infraction.

  • In chronic gastritis cases.

  • When suffering from bronchitis.

  • In pneumonia cases.

  • At the gastro-intestinal disorders.

  • For people with bronchial asthma.
  • In case of duodenal diseases (avoiding the rebound).

  • Refuse to massage:

  • When You have high body temperature and shivering.

  • In any bleeding cases.

  • When You have blood diseases.

  • If there is any localization of decay processes.

  • When You have variety of nail, skin and hair diseases.

  • When suffering from inflammatory diseases of the blood and lymph nodes, in thrombosis cases, when You have varicose veins.

  • In atherosclerosis cases.

  • When suffering from cardiac and aortic aneurysm.

  • In case of allergic diseases.

  • In case of internal organs diseases, for which there is hemorrhage.

  • When You have chronic osteomyelitis.

  • In case of various purulent diseases.

  • When suffering from mental illness, in case of increased aggressiveness.

  • At very low blood pressure.

  • In hypotonic and hypertonic crisis cases.

  • In case of upset stomach (vomiting, nausea etc.).

  • In third degree heart and lung failure cases.
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