Massage is functional treatment, used for various diseases and traumas, often combined with other treatment methods, for example, therapeutic physical education and physiotherapy. It is scientifically based and long ago tested way to improve health, restore efficiency, physical and mental strength.

Massage treats cellulite, neck, spine, muscle, joint pain, reduces overweight, restores movement slack after trauma, stroke or other diseases, removes wrinkles and strech marks, tightens skin, improves blood circulation.

Massage is widely used for prophylactic purposes,
appearance correction. Various relaxing massages are performed, acting as an excellent anti-stress method without any drugs, and various cosmetic procedures are applied to reveal the natural beauty of every human.

Massage therapists already in ancient times began to use various devices to facilitate their work. For centuries they have been improved and now turned into modern efficient massage devices.


I perform classical body massage,
vacuum "STARVAC" massage and
"BIODROGA Systems" body procedures.
Distribute FOREVER LIVING production.

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